What is the Power Of Yet?
You may have heard people say,
"Never stop trying!"
"Don't give up!"
"Believe in yourself!"
Think positive thoughts!
                  Check out this Youtube video!  It will help explain it.
When we do something the first time, we are usually not very good at it.  It may take several tries! It's easy to get upset or feel sad bout that!  But, when we stay POSITIVE, and keep trying, the better we will get.  So, if you do not get it the first time, it just means you need to keep working on it. That's what the YET is!  In time, you will learn how to do it!  Now keep in mind, we have people like, parents, teachers, and coaches who are there to SUPPORT us, to help us when we need it.  So remember, it's okay if you don't know how to do something, or maybe other people seem better than you at something.  Stay positive, keep trying, ask for help, and You Will Succeed!

© Copyright Mr. Duzan's 2nd Grade Class