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Center Time Books
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 Week 18 Computer Center Book
Telling Time All the Time
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Week 6 Computer Center Book
If You Were My Baby 

by Fran Hodgkins (author),
Laura J. Bryant (illustrator)


Week 5 Computer Center Book
Grandma's Feather Bed

by John Denver (author), Christopher Canyon (illustrator)  

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Week 1 Book   

One Potato 
by Sue Porter

All of the animals want to eat the last potato on the plate in this slight picture book. Goat manages to trick the others out of their share, but when he finally claims his prize it has already been eaten by a family of mice.

Week 2 Book

Pound Dog and Frog 
by Mathew Price, Moira Kemp

Pound Dog sat in front of the doll’s house and waited. “Are you coming out yet?” “Never,” said Frog. “I’m not coming out. Go away.”

Frog soon changes his mind when Pound Dog tells him what’s happening down at the pond.

Week 3 Book

Something Special 
by Terri Cohlene (author), Doug Keith (illustrator)

A curious little frog finds a mysterious gift outside his home. It’s Something Special… What can it be?

Fascinating possibilities pop into his imagination as he searches high and low for the answer to this enticing riddle. It can say “hello” and it can say “goodbye.” It can come as a surprise and warm you to your toes. It can be planted or blown. And it’s no good until it’s given away.

Week 4 Book

The One Sea 
by David Pierce Hughes

Listen now and you will hear The Humpback Whale,the Polar Bear,the Albatross and the Leather Back Turtle among many other sea creatures tell us in verse of their plight,and the whispering Wave warns us of their eventual extinction if we don’t care for The One Sea.

Week 5 Book

Mrs. Murphy's Marvelous Mansion 
by Emma Perry Roberts (author), Robert Rogalski (illustrator)

Mrs. Murphy’s snobbish neighbors see her unusual home as a blemish in their otherwise perfect neighborhood. As they wander through Mrs. Murphy’s Marvelous Mansion, each one learns the error of making judgments based on outward appearances.

Week 6 Book

The Tree 
by Dana Lyons (author), David Danioth (illustrator)

An 800-year-old Douglas fir ponders the many things it has seen in the natural world as it hears bulldozers coming, and then people arrive to save it from destruction.

Week 7 Book

Where Does the Sun Go? 
by Gary Craig

This delightful tale is an adventure of the sun and its journey across the sky and over the earth, written in rhyming verse.

Week 8 Book

One Smile 
by Cindy McKinley (author), Mary Gregg Byrne (illustrator)

Even the smallest acts of kindness can impact the lives of others. This truth is beautifully demonstrated as we follow the far-reaching effects of a little girl’s compassionate smile, as it touches an entire community.

Week 9 Book

Penelope and the Humongous Burp
by Sheri Radford (Author), Christine Tripp (Illustrator)

Too thirsty to heed her mother’s warnings, Penelope soon learns the disastrous consequences of gulping a few glasses of grape soda too quickly! This zany misadventure will win kids over from the very first page — and teach them a thing or two about manners by the last.

Week 10 Book

Kids Around the World 
by Dona Herweck Rice

This book gives kids a chance to meet other kids from different cultures around the world.

Week 11

You Can Be Anything 
by Gary Craig

You Can Be Anything is a delightful book that will entertain and engage your children’s imaginations and inspire the belief that they can do, and be, anything.

Week 12

I Don't Want to Go 
by Addie Meyer Sanders (Author), Andrew Rowland (Illustrator)

It’s time to go? OH NO! Joey is visiting his grandparents on his own for the very first time. Nervous about being far from home, sleeping in a strange bedroom, eating new foods, and leaving his favorite toys behind, Joey is absolutely positive this will be the worst trip ever.