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Wondering what this "Class Dojo" is all about?  

This is an interactive classroom management and encouragement system we will be using in our classrooms.  Parents that returned the slips with their preferred e-mail are signed up.  We will be able to send you an e-mail showing your students behavioral achievements and difficulties for the day and you can discuss them with your child. 

We sent home names and passwords so that your child can change their avatar and check out the site. Lost your name and password?  If you did not receive this notice, let me know and I can send you another one.

Just to clarify.  Your students are being expected to follow our "One Classroom Rule" which says:(Respect the rights, feelings, property, learning, and safety of others).  When your child is following this rules, they get a "Dojo Point" and when they are not, they lose a "Dojo Point".  There are several more specific points which can be gained or lost, for example: Homework is worth 3 points.  If not turned in a student will lose 3 points, or possibly receive 1-2 for a incomplete homework packet.   

Check out the video below for more information!  (They talk about a "secret code" we took the liberty of entering it for each child so it's done.)