Parents, If you would like to send in something for the party, choose one and fill out the contact form to let me know.  I will remove things from the list as they are taken. 

Items we need for the party

(1 bag) Pretzels (straight)
(1 bag) Black or red string liquorish
(2 Containers) white frosting

Items we have        THANK YOU!

(1 bag) of Red Hot candies (Taetum)
25 small plates (Mr. Duzan)
(25) Sandwich Bags (Serenity)
(3 bags) Candy (Katelyn)
1 bags of Oreo Cookies (Travis)
1 bags of Oreo Cookies (Joey)

Your Great!  We almost have everything we need .

Send me a note

Hope you can come to the party!