The Parts of Speech
Words of the English Language are traditionally classified into parts of speech based on meaning and usage in a sentence.  The parts of speech are defined on this page.  

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Nouns-They tell us things. They are the names of people, places, things, or ideas. They are colored yellow just as a yellow school crossing sign tells drivers to be aware of students that might be crossing the road.
 Watch a video on Nouns
What is a Noun video

– Show action or state of being. They tell you what is happening, so they are colored orange just like a detour sign.  
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Noun Markers (articles)- These three little words (a, an, the)  are used often in the English language. Just as a red light warns of a railroad crossing, these words warn THERE’S A NOUN COMING!!!! They are color coded red and a red arrow goes from the noun marker to the noun it modifies (describes).

Adjectives (Ad-nouns)- Adjectives modify (describe) nouns. They answer the questions –Which one? What kind? How many? How much? Whose? They are color coded blue and have a blue arrow  going from the adjective to the noun it is modifying. 
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Prepositions – The students met either Preppy the squirrel or Preppy the puppy. Preppy the squirrel lives in a green tree. Preppy the puppy lives in a green house. Both are used to show the relationship between to things. Preppy can be on the house, in the house, by the house, past the house, near the house, etc. These are all prepositional phrases. A prepositional phrase begins with a preposition and ends with either a noun or pronoun. The preposition is underlined in green and the entire prepositional phrase is circled in green.    Watch a video on Prepositions

Pronouns – Pronouns are noun replacements. They take the place of a noun so they are yellow just as nouns are yellow.
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Adverbs – Take the word adverb apart and you will find what it modifies. It can modify adjectives, verbs, or other adverbs. For our study the adjectives will usually modify the verb. Not and very are always adverbs. Many adverbs end in –ly. Adverbs answer the questions – How? When? and Where? Adverbs are color coded purple and have a purple arrow going from them to the word that they modify.
Watch a video on Adverbs
Conjunctions- Conjunctions join word, phrases, and clauses together. The most common conjunctions are and, but, or. These are color coded brown just like a wooden peg that holds things together.  Watch a video on Conjunctions

Interjections – Interjections are words that show strong emotion. There is no relationship between them and the sentence that comes before or after them. Since they do not have an important function, they are not color coded.  Watch a video on Interjections