Homework Packets will be sent home on Monday and due back the following Monday.  
If there is no homework, I will let you know in the weekly news letter.

*  Read 15 minutes each night 1st quarter.  This will increase to 20 minutes
 2nd quarter, 25 minutes 3rd quarter, and 30 minutes 4th quarter. A reading
sheet will be sent home as part of the Homework Packet to be filled out and
signed by a parent.

Return your weekly reading sheet on Monday with the number of minutes read
for the previous week.
*  Study assigned spelling list words 10 minutes each night.

* Your child will bring home math homework to reinforce skills covered in class. 
*  Your child will bring home xeroxed books throughout the year. They are yours 
to keep. These are perfect to practice oral reading with your student. Each
one contains vocabulary and spelling words from our reading series. They
are written at an average reading level.
    Second graders should be able to read them with some mistakes, but without 

* Homework will be sent home if daily classwork is not completed. Unfinished
work is always due the next day.

* Homework will be sent home if a child is absent and has missed an assignment
that can be completed at home. Please return work to school when finished.