Greetings!  If this is your first time to the homework page WELCOME!  I created this page to provide a technology conection to our classroom.  Over the summer I found two cool websites (Spelling City & Big Universe) that I plan to use in conjunction with the homework packet I will send home every Monday. Let me know if you need any help with anything.   Mr. Duzan

Printable Forms

reading log form.doc reading log form.doc
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High Frequency Word Lists

dolch2nd.doc dolch2nd.doc
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dolch3rd.doc dolch3rd.doc
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Type : doc  This is the site Mr. Duzan get the Speed Math Quiz Sheets.  Print them out and practice them at home.

Eureka Math (Engage NY Math) Parent Tip Sheets

Having trouble finding our list on Spelling City? Download these instructions.

spelling city login.docx spelling city login.docx
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Spelling City is a great site to practice your spelling words.

Spelling Word Practice

How to Study Your List.docx How to Study Your List.docx
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Phonics Focus Weeks 1_16.docx Phonics Focus Weeks 1_16.docx
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Phonics Focus Weeks 17_30.docx Phonics Focus Weeks 17_30.docx
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Spelling Strategies.docx Spelling Strategies.docx
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Week 1_2_3.docx Week 1_2_3.docx
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Week 4_5_6.docx Week 4_5_6.docx
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Week 7_8_9.docx Week 7_8_9.docx
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Week 10_11_12.docx Week 10_11_12.docx
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Week 13_14_15.docx Week 13_14_15.docx
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Week 16_17_18.docx Week 16_17_18.docx
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Week 19_20_21.docx Week 19_20_21.docx
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Week 22_23_24.docx Week 22_23_24.docx
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Week 28_29_30.docx Week 28_29_30.docx
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