Reading/ Language Links

Phonics/ Spelling

Word Builder   Choose from a variety of phonics topics- 3 online activities
Letter Bugs  Click on the letters of the word you hear
Space Trash

Click the missing letter combinations from the word you hear
Phonics from the BBC Many activities to choose (does reflect British spellings)
Fearless Frieda  Using the keyboard spell the short vowel words you hear
Big Kahuna  Using the keyboard spell the long vowel words you hear
Look, Cover, Write, Check Spelling practice for high frequency words and spelling patterns (British site- some spellings reflect this.)
Word Jolt  Tetris type game- Try to spell words with the letters that drop down
Spell Check Choose the word that is misspelled
Quiet Quest for Opposites Find the word that has the opposite meaning
Quiet Quest for Synonyms Find the word that has a similar meaning
Online Synonym Practice
Antonym Practice Test Multiple choice
Synonym Practice Test Multiple choice
Alien Word Mine 

Choose Primary Grades- Topics include: parts of speech, contractions, synonyms and antonyms
Mad Libs Junior Click on the Mad Libs Junior stories to complete a funny story using different parts of speech
Grammar Gorillas Parts of Speech practice
Compound Words Match the words to create a compound word
Online Homophone Practice
Online Multiple Meaning Practice  
Grammar Gold Chapter 21 Capitalize names
Grammar Gold Chapter 26 Choose the correct ending punctuation
Punctuation Paintball Find the punctuation mistakes
Proofreading Makes Perfect Choose from capital letters, end marks, word use and spelling
Rags to Riches Choose the sentence that is written correctly
Sentence Clubhouse Choose the type of sentence and correct punctuation
Grammar Blast Choose the sentence that is correct
Power Proofreading Choose a grade level and story to proofread
Reading Comprehension
Main Idea Practice Page
What the Big Idea?  
Analogies (Difficult)
More Reading Comprehension Stories
Online Books
I’m Reading! at Starfall  Several online books including folktales, plays, Greek myths, Chinese fables and more!
Children’s Storybooks Online  A fun collection of online books- some are interactive
CBeebies Story Circle BBC Children's Site
Wizards and Pigs Determine between alliteration, rhythm or rhyme

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Math Links

Basic Facts Practice and Operations


Line Jumper click on a number line to add and subtract
Harcourt Math- Seashell Search addition facts through 10
Harcourt Math- Busy Bees subtraction facts through 10
Bowling Subtraction subtraction facts
Fireflies subtraction facts through 10
High-Rise Math add and subtract your way to the top
Funky Mummy practice addition facts
A+ Math online games and printable flashcards
Math Baseball online game- all operations and levels
Tic Tac Toe online game- all operations and levels
Harcourt Math- That's a Fact! basic facts practice online
Harcourt Math- Addition Surprise find the addends of a sum on the number chart
Robin Hood Doubles practice doubles
CyberChallenge timed math practice
Spacey Math online game- all operations and levels
Leon's Math Dojo timed practice
Prongo Addition Baseball addition game for basic facts, 2 and 3 digit practice
Two Digit Addition Match Up match the problems to the correct sums
Dart Challenge use addition strategies to reach the target number
Two Player Addition Game play the game with a friend
Addition w/ regrouping 2 digit step by step practice with 2 digit addition regrouping
Addition w/ regrouping 3 digit step by step practice with 3 digit addition regrouping
Subtraction w/ regrouping 2 digit step by step practice with 2 digit subtraction regrouping

Place Value, Probability and Graphing

Place Value Mat online manipulative
Base Ten Block Mat online manipulative
Place Value Puzzler place value and rounding practice
Frog Palace thousands, hundreds, tens and ones
Place Value Game Can you make the largest number? Use strategy!
Guess the Number use the clues to guess the secret number
Fish Tank Game probability game
Create a Spinner Change the probability of your spinner and spin to see the results
Create a Graph create your own printable graphs!
What's the Point coordinate graphing
Gere's Bike Shop interpreting data (BBC site)
Data Picking tally frequency and graphing activity
Billy Bug and His Quest for Grub coordinate graphs

Telling Time, Money, Measurement and Fractions

Harcourt Math- Telling Time Match clock face with digital time and time words
Stop the Clock1 match the clocks to the half hour
Stop the Clock 2 match the clocks to the quarter hour
Stop the Clock 3 match the clocks to five minute intervals
Bang on Time read the time words to stop the clock at exact time
Clockwise select from three levels
Match Times to Clocks short quiz
Match the Time concentration game to match times
Matching the Time more challenging concentration game
Telling Time to the Minute Harcourt E- Lab Activity
Elapsed Time Harcourt E- Lab Activity
Calendar Activity click on the current month and answer print out questions
Learn to Count Money three levels for review
Adding pennies, nickels and dimes  
Harcourt Counting Money practice counting money
Money Desk practice counting money
Coin Madness adding coins
Money Mayhem catch the correct coins to make an amount
Money Flashcards counting bills and coins
Harcourt Money Match concentration matching game
Shopping Problems word problems
Cash Out 3 levels of making change
Scottie Nickel's Change Maker make change using the least amount of coins
Change Maker making change practice under $1.00
Change Maker- Medium making change practice under $5.00
Change Maker- Hard making change practice under $100.00
Measure It! measure in cm and inches
Shape Surveyor area and perimeter problems- challenge!
Fractions click on "What is a Fraction?" and "Fraction Practice"
Fraction Practice find the fraction for the shaded part
Make the Fraction divide into parts and shade the numerator
Harcourt Math- Fraction Race find the fraction of a set

Fun with Fractions (Thank You Rebecca from Mr.Delgreg's Class in Virginia)                  No need to fear fractions with this site!!  Lots of fun!

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Science/ Social Studies Links

Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle Photos and descriptions of the butterfly life cycle
Butterfly Metamorphosis Photos
Butterflies of Maryland Information on our state's butterfly population
Zoom Butterflies Information on anatomy, life cycle and more!
Kids and Community activities related to communities
Community Club short online book about community workers
The White House for Kids photos, games, trivia about the White House
Climate Change For Kids information on global warming and its effect on our planet
World Geography Learn about the continents and oceans of the world
Adventure Island Learn about reading maps
Sunken Treasure Learn about reading maps
Explore Mars Learn about reading maps
Maryland Kids Page Information about Maryland
BrainPop Jr. Many topics of interest

Links from Mrs. Kennedy's Class

The Water Page - Frogs - From water to land                                                                                             Water to land; the life cycle of a frog
The Frogs Stages of Life - Tadpole to Frog                                                                                                 From Tadpole to Frog: Nature's Life Cycle"