Monday's Zoom Meeting - Week of April 20th
What we're doing today
Date: 4/13/20
Focus Wall - Week 26
Vocabulary Cards 
Vocabulary Cards.pdf Vocabulary Cards.pdf
Size : 410.563 Kb
Type : pdf
Group 1 & 2 Book: Plant and Animal Partners
Group 3 Book:  The Life Cycle of a Tree
Group 4 & 5 Book: Desert Plants
FromSeedtoPlantVocabularyCards.pdf FromSeedtoPlantVocabularyCards.pdf
Size : 350.072 Kb
Type : pdf
What to do after our Zoom Chat
Vocabulary Assignment:  Fill in each blank with the correct Target Vocabulary word to tell about bean plants.
Open this file, and don't forget to click SUBMIT at the bottom of the page.
Open this file to write a meaningful sentence.   use the word in the sentence.
Writing Assignment:  Write about how to plant a garden.  Research the information to create a plan.  Describe the steps from start to finish. 
HowtoPlantaGarden.pdf HowtoPlantaGarden.pdf
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Learning Websites
What to do this week

WEEK Four (4)  4/13 - 4/17 Assignments

Helpful Resources
From Seed to Plant
Read the Anchor Text: From Seed to Plant before taking the End of Chapter test in your Homework Packet.
From Seed to Plant (Video) on Youtube
Assignments Due Friday 4/17/20   -   All of these are on Google Classroom
1) Take the two Vocabulary Quizzes from Monday's Zoom Chat

2) Week 4's Homework Assignment - Send two pics - 1 math & 1 reading

3) Science Lesson on Magnets
4) Writing Assignment - How to Make a Garden
5) Would you Rather be - An Athlete, Movie Star, or a Youtuber?

In addition to: 
Lexia- 20-30 min per day
Imagine Math - 20-30 min per day

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