Hello!  My name is Mr. Duzan.   I am an Arizona native. My education began at Saguaro Elementary and then Moon Valley High School, graduating in 1981.
 After high school I started in the construction industry, which continued for several years. Eventually, I became a self-employed roofing contractor and completed all of my contracts successfully.
Over time I began to contemplate my life. Specifically, how would I look back on my life when it was all said and done? I asked myself the question, “If a happy successful life is more about the journey; what could I do to serve a better purpose?”. 

After much thought, I decided to sell my company and return to school to earn a degree as an educator. I picked up my books and started back to school at Glendale Community College and Paradise Valley Community College. By 1997, I had completed an Associates of Fine Arts Degree. I was accepted to Arizona State University West and graduated Suma Cum Laude from the College of Education in May of 1999. My area of specialization was Early Childhood Development with an emphasis in Fine Arts.

Immediately following graduation, I accepted a position with Pendergast School District, teaching a 1st grade class at Villa de Paz Elementary School.

In the spring of 2001, I decided the time had come to organize my approach to professional improvement. I was accepted into the Masters in Education Degree Program with an emphasis in Educational Technology at ASU West. By the Spring of 2004, I had completed the Masters Program and graduated.

After 9 years great years of teaching at Villa de Paz Elementary I moved to  Garden Lakes Elementary School in 2008, still in the Pendergast School District. 

I feel very lucky to work at such an AWESOME place. From the very first day I walked on the campus, I noticed there was something very special there.  I have since realized it is because of the high level of parent involvement, a great teaching staff, and an amazing administration. 

The Present  It's going to be an Amazing year! The 20/21 year will be my twenty first year of teaching in the Pendergast School District.   To date, the best decision I have ever made was to become an teacher.  I enjoy that each day, I have an opportunity to impact the life of another person in a positive way.  

Full Circle

Just last year, I had a past student who I had taught as a first grader send me a Facebook Friend request.  He is now 23 years old.  He wanted to let me know he was about to graduate from collage as an educator.  He said:  "I have always remembered being in your class.  You always made learning fun and I always felt safe and secure in your class."  He told me I played a role in his decision to become a teacher." 

I have been asked many time why I became a teacher

My answer has always been, " To have positive purpose in my life.     

My wife Mimi and I 2014
Im the second one from the left on the first row. Click here to see larger view
My favorite pastime is Triathlon.  I have been competing in them at various levels for over 31 years.  I have completed many sprint and Olympic distances,  several Half Ironman races, and one full Ironman distance.  My favorite distance is the Olympic.
We have two dogs
This is Delaney
This is Maize