Class Chats 

How to Videos
Go to your Gmail to find the link to join your groups chat.
*If you have difficulty joining a chat and text me I will not be able to respond because I will be in a Chat Session.  I will get back to you ASAP.
Zoom Chat Schedule
Monday Small Group chats will last 25 min
Start Times
Group 1
8:00 AM
Student names
Group 2
8:30 AM

Student names

Group 3
9:45 AM
Student names
Group 4
10:30 AM
Student names
Group 5
11:00 AM
Student names
Please be ready to participate.  You do not need to MUTE for these chats, but "raise" your hand to talk.
I look forward to seeing all of you tomorrow!
Wednesday Whole Class Chat  will last 1 hour
This Zoom Chat starts at 10:00 AM


1.  to MUTE your speaker when you sign in.
2.  to be ready to listen and participate in the conversation
3.  to sit in front of your camera so everyone can see you smiling face.
4.  to have paper and pencil to take notes.


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